The Riddle Of Dress Code Cracked

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What to wear? This is the first question that strikes after receiving an invitation. Whether it is a wedding party or some other occasion, the gatherings are the same, friends, family and colleagues. In such a situation nobody prefers to repeat the same dress already worn some time back. This calls for shopping. But along with all the excitement the wedding invitation card also carries a dress code. To different individuals different dress codes suggest different things. For instance you may be clueless about certain wedding party dress codes written at the bottom of the card.

A simple tip would be to always remember the cardinal wedding rule regarding choosing wedding dresses. If you are not the bride it is a good idea not to choose a dress that is white.

Here are certain notes to help you understand the dress codes. Be it the basics or non traditional dress code requests, what it meant to be worn have been clearly explained. Here you will find at your dispense all the details of the basic dress codes for men as well as the ladies.

The Informal Daytime wedding party dresses:

• For the ladies would be separates or short dresses.

• For the men would be dress shirt, trousers and a sports jacket.

The Informal Evening wedding dresses:

• For the ladies would be cocktail separates or party dress.

• For the men suit would be best, as long as seasonally appropriate any color would do.

The Cocktail or Semi Formal Daytime wedding party dresses:

• For the ladies would be slightly shorter dresses in dressier fabrics like silk or chiffon. But short does not mean micro mini attire.

• For the men light color suit would be great if the cocktail wedding is held at the beach. Otherwise dark suits with tie would be best.

The Cocktail or Semi Formal Evening wedding dresses:

• For the ladies short cocktail dress or cocktail separates

• For the men dark suits with tie would be best.

Formal Daytime wedding party dresses:

• For the ladies short dress or cocktail suit or separates.

• For the men dark suit with tie. The tie is a must.

The Black Tie Optional or Formal Evening wedding dresses:

• The ladies can opt for black tie here or they may choose a cocktail dress or suit unlike a long dress.

• The men may opt for a tuxedo or wear dark suits.

White Tie wedding party dresses:

• This is when ladies should go for “gown” shopping and deck up with diamonds and fur.

• For the men there are lots of options, dressy black pants, long black tail coat, white vest, tie and shirt, black top hat.


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