Sex Life Supercharge – Heat up Your Sex Life Using These Hot Tips Starting Tonight

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As the weather cools down, it is important to keep each other warm. Here are Five sexy and warm delights that will send your lover and/or you through the roof with pleasure!

1. Hot Oil Treatment:

Warm up some massage oil, either in an oil warmer or 15 seconds in the microwave. Offer your partner a hot oil massage. If you use an actual massage oil, it should be non-staining for your bedding. Be sure to have 2 fluffy pillows; one for their head and one for their feet. Use long, gentle strokes as you work on your lover’s back and front sides. Avoid overly ticklish spots, though a little laughter can elevate both of your moods. Ask if you can massage his or her most sensitive areas.

2. Hot Tub Action: Why not play in your hot tub if you have one? Warm water can be very sensual. If you don’t have one, run a nice hot bath with some sexy bath bubbles. Kiss as you drape warm water on one another. If your tub is small, you can place a towel over the edge and sit, bending down to touch every part of him or her. Find some creative positions in the tub- just remember that the non-slip tub grips can help too!

3. Hot Chocolate Surprise: Here’s one- bring some hot chocolate and marshmallows to bed! Or, melt your favorite chocolate bar for a minute in the microwave. Drizzle it on your lover and then lick it off each other! Make sure it’s melted but not scalding. Try some less obvious places like their shoulder or collarbone. Eat your way around, as oral pleasure is reported to be the best form of pleasure by most men and women.

4. Hot Wax: If you like to drip and play, try dripping a bit of hot wax on each other. Use white candles, as they do not burn as hot. Try dripping on your arm first, to make sure either or both of you like the sensation. It’s important to communicate with one another during this activity, and a new use for all those extra white birthday candles!

5. Hot Towel Treatments: One of the best things before and after sex play is using wet or dry hot towels to clean up. Have extra towels and washcloths near the bed or play area. Run two towels under hot water, as hot as you can stand. Wring them out then walk them over to your lover. Give them a nice hot towel on their face, and one on the rest of their body. It feels so goose bumpy good!

It’s always great to add variety to your sex life. Anything you like, do again. What you don’t like, wash down the drain with the bathwater. These small touches can keep things fresh and fun for everyone!


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