She Dumped Me But Wants To Be Friends – How to Make Her Love Me Again

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Are you in a situation here? Do you feel that you fell in the trap and can’t get out of it? You still love your ex girlfriend but she did the weirdest thing ever. She officially broke up with you but she wants to be friends. She did not cut all the communications with you. She still calls and goes out with you as a friend.

The problem is you do not want that because you still have strong feelings to her and you still want her as a girlfriend.

You can’t be so sure about the way she feels. But you have full control over your own feelings and actions.

When a woman leaves you that does not mean it is the end of the story. Girls like to play games and they generally say things they do not mean. So if you still love your ex do not be so depressed because there is still some hope.

The first thing you need to do is to define the relationship with your ex. If she wants to be friends let it be. Do not get over the friendship border. Let her taste the medicine of her own. Make yourself busy with other activities. Do not be available for her 24/7. Go out with other friends and have other hobbies and interests. Do not let a call or a text from her change your plans. If you can do just go out with her when you are not preoccupied or if you feel so. Do not retrieve the momentum that was before the breakup.

As a rule of thumb you can go make activities with her once or twice a month. Do not accept all her invitations or go out with her all the time. Show her that you have moved on.

Try hitting the dating scene again. She is not your girlfriend anymore and you have every right to do whatever you want. It is not necessary to start a serious long term relationship with the first girl you meet. You only want to have fun and get a good company to spend quality time with.

A girl will not be attracted to a needy and a desperate person. You have to be mature and live your days. Convince her that you are tough enough to move on and find someone else to love. Be gentle to her without giving her too much interest. She will be attracted to you again and you will find her jumping into your arms again if she is really interested in you.

You have nothing to lose. You are a confident man who attracts blessings and fans. If you played it right she will despise the day she left you.


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