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Imagine your creativity as a young child

Imagine a young child of four or five years old, playful and fun loving. Can you imagine a child not playing? A child would not be a child if they did not play. Your creativity is the same way. Your imagination needs to play. How is it working for you? Are you giving it enough play time?

Create Art for Art’s Sake

When we were children we played. We were happy, we pleased our self. Creativity was natural and flowed easily. Your creativity is no different. We need to treat our imagination as a child. We need to give it enough play time.

As adults we put pressure upon our talents, worrying about dollar value and will it please. We demand of our ourselves to produce again and again and again. Create your art and don’t worry about who will like it. Chances are they will like it — if they liked your work before, they will like it again. Worrying about what others will think will only stifle your creativity. When you are working away in your studio, create art for art’s sake.

Make it a Game

Every child loves a game. Recently I was at a family gathering, where my niece was trying to get her young daughter to pick up her toys, in anticipation for going home. The young one was not cooperative or enthusiastic. Feeling in the mood to have some fun, I intervened and offered the child an invitation to play a great game. Her frown immediately turned into a grin. My game was tossing the toys into the basket and to see if we could get it in. As a four year old, this was a challenge. After her first successful toss, with much encouragement, she was sold on my game. In less than ten minutes, the job was done and we had a fun time.

Your creativity is no different. I try to make everything I do a game — not for any young child — but for me! Your imagination is a child ready and willing to play. Whatever you are faced with make it into a game. It can be a challenge at first, but once you work it for a while it becomes easier. Your little child, your creativity will be much more willing to cooperate if it is a fun game.

So, imagine your creativity as a young child — a child who loves to play. Turn whatever project is before you into a game. Find a way to make it fun. You can do it! And your imagination will love you for it.


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