Arahant Pra Sivali – Buddhist Icon of Luck and Good Fortune

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Biography of Pra Sivali Thaera – Icon of reverence for those with great fortune in wealth and business sales. This came about due to many events which proved his amazing quality and ability top generate wealth and good fortune – the power of ‘Maha Sanaeh’

Pra Sivali was the father of Pra Nang Subpawaasaa, a royal princess of Goliyanakara. Even when he was still in the womb of his mother, his immense aura of lucky energy radiated out and cause his mother to recive much luck and increase in wealth. Pra Sivali remained in his mothers womb for a period of 7 years, 7 months and 7 days. As the time for him to be born approached, his mother began to suffer great pain, so she sent a Swami to ask the Buddha for blessings. The Lord Buddha gave the following blessing;

“May Nang Subpawaasaa of Goliya city be happy, and free from illness, and give birth to a son who cannot be found to have any blemishes or illnesses”.

Because of the power emitted by the great merits and purity of the Enlightened One, his words came into effect and became truth – the pain that Nang Subpawaasaa was experiencing diminished, and she gave birth to her son easily with no setbacks or suffering. Pra Sivali came into the world out as easily as water poured from a kettle. The Nobles of the Court gathered and decided on a name for her Princely son, and gave him the name of “Sivali Kumara” (Pra Sivali Gumarn, in Thai).

Once Nang Subpawaasaa recovered physically, she decided she wished to make banquet offerings and reverence for a period of 7 days to the Lord Buddha. She sent her Swamis to go and invite the Buddha and the company of Sangha to come to the palace and receive offerings and reverence. The invitation offered them to come and stay the whole 7 days. Although he had just been born, Pra Sivali Gumarns body was already as strong as a seven year old boy, and he helped his mother to prepare and arrange the banquet offerings, and to filter the water for the monks to drink safely. As Pra Sivali Gumarn was helping his mother and father to do this, the great Arahant Pra Saributra Thaera was watching the whole time. Pra Saributra took a great liking to Pra Sivali Gumarn, and when the seven days of reverence offerings was over, Pra Saributra approached Pra Sivali Gumarn and invited him to come and ordain as a member of the Sangha.

Pra Sivali accepted immediately (for he already possessed all the qualities and inclinations to become a monk), and asked his mother and father for permission to ordain. Once ha had obtained permission, he went to the Aram of Pra Saributra, and was ordained into the ‘Pra Kammathaan’ (initiatory methods of practice of an ascetic abstinent monk); Dtaja Bpanja Kammathaan – Gaesaa (hair), Lomaa (fur), Nagkhaa (nails), Dtantaa (teeth), Dtajo (skin). This is the practice of observing the main five individual ingredients of the living body, and see outside of the conditioning that it is beautiful, seeing the unclean parts of the body.

Pra Sivali Took the teaching of Dtaja Pbanja Kammathaan, and considered it as his head was shaved of hair. This was the catalyst in his illumination and accomplishment of the four stages of Enlightenment;

It happened as the Lord Buddha and the Sangha went to visit Pra Rewadta, the younger brother of Pra Saributra, who was residing in a forest of Dtakian trees Dtakian tree is known as ‘Iron Wood’ – Hopea Odorata) in English. Mai Dtakian is a Sacred Tree that is believed to have a spirit of a female ghost inhabiting it, called ‘Phii Nang Mai Dtakian’. There is hardly a temple in Thailand which does not have a Dtakian tree; normally you will see colored cloths wrapped around the trunk, as is the case with all sacred trees in Thailand. Powder from the wood of the Dtakian is used to make ‘Pong Mai Dtakian” – a sacred powder used in amulet making.

  • The first time he shaved his hair and observed the dead tissue falling to the floor, seeing that it was not self, he was enlightened to become a Sotapanna (Pra Sodaban in Thai),
  • The second time he shaved his hair and observed the dead tissue falling to the floor, seeing that it was not self, he was enlightened to become a Sakatakami(Pra Sagatakami in Thai),
  • The third time he shaved his hair and observed the dead tissue falling to the floor, seeing that it was not self, he was enlightened to become a Anakami(Pra Anakami in Thai),
  • The fourth time he shaved his hair and observed the dead tissue falling to the floor, seeing that it was not self, he was enlightened to become an Arahant (Pra Arahant in Thai)

After he was ordained it became noticed that Pra Sivali had much Laap Sakkara (fortune and honor from others), and this charming energy was even radiated and passed on to others around him. This became so apparent, that the Buddha would often seek out Pra Sivali to accompany him and the Sangha on long journeys, for it had been seen to be true that when Pra Sivali was present on such journeys, the Sangha would never have to endure any hardships looking for safe havens to stay in and find offerings of food. On the contrary, when Pra Sivali was present on journeys, they would always meet with plenty of offerings and accommodation, and never have top do without food and sustenance for long. An example of this is the time that Lord Buddha and five hundred other Bhikkhus had to rely on the Laap and Baramee of Pra Sivali.

As they had traveled a while, Pra Ananda Thaera (Pra Aanon in Thai) raised the following discussion and question;

‘Reverend Lord, there are two ways we could travel, if we go this way, the path is full of small settlements along the way and the Bhikkhus will have plenty of safe places to rest where they will not have to suffer hunger, for the people along the way will make Bucha offerings. But the way is very long (about 60 Yochanas). If we take the other way, the way is much shorter (about 30 Yochanas), however, the way is without a clear path and thick forest. There are hardly any people, only uncivilized savages living in there, and the Bhikkhus would go hungry and suffer various inauspicious events.

The Lord Buddha then answered;

My Dear Ananda, is not Pra Sivali Thaera with us?”

Yes my Lord, Ananda replied “Pra Sivali Thaera is with us”

Then the Buddha spoke again;

Dear Ananda, do not worry about what will happen when we take the shorter path through the forest, for the devas and spirits which inhabit the forest will lay out the necessary places and arrange for the Sangha to have a place to rest and replenish their energy along the way”

They will do this because Pra Sivali is with us and is the object of their respect and reverence, so we shall abide and reside in the merits.


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