Why Write Press Releases? Expand Your Marketing Strategy

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Small businesses make up 99% of all businesses in the USA and contribute over 70% to our Gross National Product (GNP).  They are responsible for over half of the new innovations and they create over 75% of all new jobs. However, many companies do not consider their contributions news worthy enough to let the world know.

This oversight is largely due to a lack of understanding of how vital broad public communications are to survival and success. Too often, entrepreneurs, owners, managers and executives are overly focused on the short-term bottom line to ensure their long-term viability. 

This ignores the fact that without taking the correct promotional actions now, they will not be around for the long term. 

Can Press Releases Benefit Your Overall Marketing Strategy? 

Let’s face it, if a business is to survive, it must continually expand its reach and broaden its market.  

Press releases sent to your targeted audience in an ever increasing volume can create this continuing expansion.  They can spark the interest of investors, joint-venture partners, top recruiting talent, and many other potential catalysts to your company’s growth.   

News Reporters and Writers are Always Looking for Story Ideas

Your press release could result in a nationwide feature story about your company.  If so, what would that type of exposure do for your bottom line? 

There are many types of releases, including news releases, media releases, press releases and press statements.  By utilizing these, your company can build and establish a communication network which can be worth its weight in gold without the expense of advertising.  

And there are a number of free press release distribution services, press release software and other resources available to you.  

Simple and Effective Techniques

Here are two simple but effective techniques to ensure that your message has value and is well received: 

  • First, always include in your releases the answers to these questions: who, what, when, where, how, why.
  • Second, always create your releases for two audiences: the media expert and the broader public.

The above two simple yet effective points alone can multiply your results. 

Online Media’s Viral Effect

Additionally, since offline media is declining while online media is expanding, your time and effort are actually better spent focusing your efforts online and will produce greater longevity through blogs, e-mail, social networks, etc., all of which, done correctly, can create a viral and multiplying effect. 

Distributing your press release online and including appropriately researched keywords greatly increases your exposure.  And posting and archiving those keyword enhanced releases onto your website and into the search engines can really boost your legitimate rankings which makes it easier for online traffic visitors to find you– which leads to more sales. 

This article barely scratches the surface of the benefits from  and what can be done through press releases, especially online.


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