How to Fix a PNCRT DLL Error

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RealPlayer can experience a problem that results in a PNCRT DLL error message. Seeing the PNCRT DLL error usually means that RealPlayer or another media player made by Real Networks won’t be able to run. The steps to resolving this problem are fairly simple.

What Makes This .DLL File Disappear?

A number of situations could be responsible for the removal of the PNCRT DLL file from the computer. If any new programs have been recently added to the PC, it may be that one of them corrupted or displaced this file in the Windows registry. There could be other registry issues going on, or the computer may be infected with malware (virus or spyware). In extreme situations, a hardware failure may be the cause.

In short, a.DLL file belongs to the Windows registry, which is a database of files that allow various programs to run correctly. User preferences, program settings, and various components of programs are stored there. Unfortunately, this area of the computer is extremely vulnerable to the changes made by adding or deleting programs. Old files are left here when programs are deleted, and needed files may be corrupted by the same process.

How to Recover the PNCRT DLL File

While it may be tempting to do a search for this file and download it from a.DLL file database, this is not necessarily safe. These files may or may not be what they claim to be: downloading from one of these sites may be an invitation for malware to invade the computer.

Microsoft recommends simply uninstalling and reinstalling RealPlayer. A fresh install should provide new copies of all the pertinent.DLL files, including PNCRT DLL.

1. From Start, go to Settings, then Control Panel, and finally double-click on Add/Remove Programs.

2. From the Windows Setup tap, choose Internet Tools, and then Details.

3. Click on the check box to clear it beside Real Audio Player, and then click on OK and Apply.

4. Once again, go to the Windows Setup tab, choose Internet Tools, and then Details.

5. Click on the box beside Real Audio Player to put at check mark in the box, then click OK twice.

6. Once the above steps are completed, restart the computer.

Registry Maintenance Prevents the Issue from Recurring

Once the issue has been fixed, it’s a good idea to take steps to keep it from happening again. Since the registry has no automatic way of being cleaned or fixed, research adding registry maintenance to prevent and even fix PNCRT DLL errors.


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