Tea Party Ideas for Halloween – Consider a Mystery Tea Party

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Tea party ideas for Halloween can be so varied, but nothing is more versatile and fun than having a mystery tea party. Hosting a tea party is easy and planning a mystery party that is all fun and tea games. All your guests become characters; play acting to solve the mystery at hand. Some of your guests will really enjoy pretending to be someone else for a few hours, while others may be more inhibited. So it is really important to know your friends and how they may respond to such a party.  Those individuals that may feel inhibited should be given less significant roles when determining characters and assigning “suspect” or character roles.  

The goal of the party is to spend quality time with friends, make memories for the future and have fun.  

The tea party invitations will create enthusiasm and anticipation for your party. These invitations will set the tone for your party as well as inform each guest of the “character” they will play the night of the party. Included in the invitation will be a scenario of the night, a brief description of the “suspects” and a description of the time period. The tea party invitations should indicate if costumes are required.

Costumes really add to the fun and atmosphere of the party. Getting an outfit and dressing up, adds to the anticipation and a large part of the fun. Don’t forget to include an RSVP on the invitation. This is one party where you will need to replace the characters that are not coming with another guest.

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Of course, you may want to surprise your guests and keep the party a mystery. In that case, just ask everyone to dress according to the theme for the evening. This is a great way to keep everyone guessing. They will think they are going to a themed costume party, and when they arrive, they will discover, it is a mystery party. Whatever you decide to do, your guests will be ready to participate in and solve the mystery you have, over tea games and food.

Decorating for a mystery party can be as simple or elaborate as you want to be.  It will help your guests to stay in character the more the setting looks like the theme described in the invitation or scenario at the start of the party.

As part of the decorating, you will want to make name cards for all your guests. Of course, the name tag will be the character they will be playing. This will make it easy for everyone to identify each character as they collect clues.    

The food you serve will depend on your theme and how many guests you are having. Is this a party where you will be sitting and discussing the mystery in character while you are enjoying high tea?  

Are your guests going to be mingling and sharing clues and playing their characters, as they eat bite size tea sandwiches, petite scones and miniature desserts?  Of course, you would plan your menu accordingly. The best part about having any type of tea service is that it is always simple, easy and fun.  

The setting for your party will influence you food choices to, for instance, will your theme be set in the glamorous forties. In that case your tea sandwiches might be served with fancy toothpicks that add eye appeal and a touch of glamour to the presentation.   

 Looking for tea party ideas for Halloween? You should consider a mystery tea party. This is a party that your friends will remember for years to come. What is more fun than getting a group of friends together for a few hours and pretending to be someone else, in another time and place? Please don’t forget to share with us your stories too.    


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