Celebrate Fall With a Harvest Moon Afternoon Tea Party – A Girls Tea Party Creates Lifetime Memories

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A Harvest Moon afternoon tea party is a great way to welcome the change in seasons. It is also a wonderful opportunity to start your own lifetime tradition and create memories with your friends.

Fall parties have long been a tradition as a way to bring friends together to share time, renew and strengthen friendships and enjoy the bounties of the harvest before winter set in. It was a time to celebrate the fruits of the labors of the growing season.

Planning your own Harvest Moon afternoon tea party will give you an opportunity to celebrate and renew friendships. It will also give you an opportunity to get your creative juices flowing and have fun planning a party.

Once you identify the colors and ideas for decorations, it is time to think about the invitations. If you want to create excitement and anticipation, think of a different format for your invitation. Pumpkins and gourds, or even colorful fall leaves can be written on with indelible black ink. Write your invitation and hand deliver these very unique invitations. Your guests will be impressed by this unique invitation.

Don’t forget to inform your guests of what they are to wear. Are you going to have a casual tea with hay bales and a casual get together? Maybe your idea is to have a more elegant affair, and you want everyone to wear their prettiest dress. There is no right or wrong way to plan a girl’s tea party. It is what suits you and your personality. After all, this is about having fun and sharing a special moment in time with friends.

More celebrate fall with a Harvest Moon tea party

A girl’s tea party creates a lifetime of memories. You have sent out the invitations, now it is time to think about the decorations. A Harvest Moon theme has so many possibilities. Nature is at its peak, and you can have the tea party indoor or out. Bring nature indoors is very easy at this time of year. So many of different fall flowers, fruits, vegetables, pine cones and foliage are plentiful and full of warm and beautiful colors.

Pumpkins and gourds can be hollowed out and used as serving bowls. Pine cones, colored leaves, acorns and colorful mums can adorn a table for an eye catching centerpiece. You may want to add candles for an added touch.

The scents of fall are wonderful. Many find the smells of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves comforting. Others love the smell of burning wood and a fire in the fire place. Who doesn’t love pumpkin pie baking, put some pumpkin spices is some water and simmer on the stove to fill the air with the smells of fall.

The menu is as important as the decorations and should reflect your personality and in keeping with your theme of Harvest Moon. Fall brings thought of cranberries, apples pumpkin and comfort foods.

Pumpkins and cranberry orange scones served with orange butter, roasted chestnuts, glazed mixed nuts or peanut brittle are great additions to any menu. Afternoon tea is light fare, means tea sandwiches may be included as part of the menu. Don’t hesitate to be creative and serve finger foods, such as dim sum, tapas, or pot stickers as part of your afternoon tea party.

Offering an assortment of miniature pastries, mini muffins or tea bread makes a nice presentation. Consider serving an impressive looking dessert. A trifle made in a clear glass serving dish will allow everyone to see the beauty of the fruits layered with cake and flavored cream or pudding.

To make the tea party complete, send your guests home with a thoughtful party favor. You may consider making your own tea blend of several loose leaf teas and spices. Put them in a special tin to take home, or make some homemade potpourri and put it is a small sachet bag to take home.


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