Ideas on Green Wedding

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If you are someone who is very environmentally conscious and the thought of all the wastage during your wedding is giving you horrors, you have come to the right place. Here are some tips on how to do your bit for the environment.

Let your guests know that the theme of the wedding is to ‘Go Green’. You can let them know this through the invitation card or by setting up a wedsite. A wedsite is a great idea for a Green Wedding because you start your ‘Go Green’ theme right at that stage. You can use it to send e-vites and thus, start by saving paper. You can also get suggestions from your guests on other things you can do to ensure that your wedding is environmentally friendly. If you really have to send out invitation cards, try to use recycled paper.

Plastic/paper cups used for water are used and thrown for almost every gulp that goes down someone’s throat. Letting your guests know the theme can curtail this. But, of course to be true to the theme, you might want to use steel glasses or crystal ones. You can always take this a step further by using little clay pots instead of glasses. Not only are they perfectly bio-degradable, they also look great arranged on a table.

Most weddings anyway don’t use plastic plates and using cutlery that can be washed is a good idea. However, to fit with the Green theme, you can use Banana Leaves for plates or use those made out of palm leaves for buffets.

You can also continue the theme by having the wedding in a garden or better yet, in a green house. Of course, make sure that you are not wasting too much on air conditioners or lights. You can take this a step further by wearing clothes made out of Khadi. Great Khadi sarees and kurtas are available these days, which look as rich as your Kancheevarams.

Your final step to going green is the car in which you drive away from the venue. You can get a good Hybrid car or an electric car like the Reva. You can also use a zero fuel vehicle such as a horse drawn carriage! If you want to be extra romantic, just hire a bicycle that the two of you can ride away in Bollywood style. There’s no stopping you if you’ve made up your mind.


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