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Its true creating your own birthday party invitation really is so much fun, and something you could do together with the birthday kid. If you’re not very crafty don’t feel like there is nothing to do but to buy some ready made invitations from the local store, there are so many birthday party invitation ideas on the internet you could enjoy finding these together.

If the birthday party you are planning has a particular theme, simply surfing the internet is sure to bring up a fan site or two. If your theme is a popular kids birthday party theme you will find that many of these sites even have birthday party templates ready for you to fill in and print. But certainly these sites will have clip art pictures that you may be offered for sharing and including on the invitations you can put together.

While looking on the internet for birthday party invitations you will very likely find some template software that will guide you step by step through the process. Template software gives you the best of both words, it is as easy to use as ready made invitations that you really get to create yourself.

With or without software templates making your own invitations is not such a difficult task. You could use MS Word, or even just your rich text editor found in all windows operating systems. Simply choosing large bright text and using a few of the clip art images you found on the internet makes for great looking presentations.

Certainly lots of colored cardboard, glitter and clue and having an old fashioned craft night in makes for beautiful, and personal treasured birthday party invitations.

The most important thing of your invitations is the information. Start with a nice big heading announcing the birthday party and be sure to include the theme of the party if you want to have your birthday party with a fun party theme. Pick a nice large bright font for this, but try to keep yellow for highlighting only, yellow is a little hard on the eyes. Then move on to the birthday invitation details.

. Whose party is it- First things first announce the name of the birthday boy or girl. Be a little bit creative ‘You are invited to Ben’s special day.’, ‘Sally would love you to come to her 5th Birthday Party.’

. How old- It makes so much easier for the parents of your child’s party guests when they are selecting cards and gifts.

. When- when putting in the date it’s a good idea to include the date in long form, i.e. Saturday 3rd June simply writing 3/4/07 may get confused with the 4th of March.

. Where- be clear, especially if the party is not at your house. This would be a great place to include a few easy directions using the school or a common known landmark as the starting point. Parents love maps, perhaps you could find one on the internet to include stapled on the back or just as a slip included in the envelope. If only needing a few streets you could even include the short map in a small area in the body of birthday invitation.

. What time- be sure to include both the start time and the end time. You seriously don’t want tired party kids still there long after the other kids have gone home.

. Theme- If you are having a theme, your birthday party invitation should reinforce this and perhaps include a couple of dress up ideas

. RSVP- For your own sake please remember to ask for an RSVP, there is nothing in the word more stressful in trying to plan a party not knowing how many kids you might be expecting. Including a special RSVP slip in with the birthday party invitation is a nice polite reminder to parents that you would really love to know as soon as possible.

. If you have any other information you would like consider writing it on the invitation instead of having to remember to tell everyone. If you would like parents to stay with their children, it’s not impolite to say so. If you would prefer parents just to leave their kids in your care due to room restrictions you are far better to say something here than go through the stress of having to entertain the parents while trying to host a kid’s birthday party. If you have a large space and lots of patience you might feel good about suggesting close age siblings may also be welcome.

Remember when sending out your birthday party invitations to keep a list of who has received theirs and check them off as they reply. Also most important, be sure to make up a couple more than you think you will need. Without fail you will have forgotten some poor kid, it’s just in the rules it seems.


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