Basic E-mail Marketing Techniques for Newbies

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What is e-mail marketing?

E-mail marketing is an online direct marketing tool which sends out information and promotes products and/or services through the use of electronic mail (e-mail). This is used to acquire new potential customers or convincing old customers to buy something from you.

Why use e-mail marketing?

There are a lot of benefits in using e-mail marketing. First, using an e-mail as the medium of your promotions, you will eliminate high costs. E-mail is free and if you can make your own digital ads, you can really cut down your expenses. Because of this, you can constantly update your contacts about your new products/services, special offers and other promotions you would like them to know. Plus, you can reach a more global audience when they sign up in your mailing list in just a click of a button. No hassle there. Your message will be sent in a matter of seconds so information stays fresh and updated. And since they already have a copy of your promotions in their e-mail accounts, there is a big chance that they will forward them to their families and friends.

What are the techniques used in e-mail marketing?

1.The use of special offers.

A special offer, such as a discount or a coupon, is one of the most effective e-marketing techniques if done right. You must be able to offer something valuable to your contacts that they cannot refuse to buy your product or avail of your services. You should set a big discount to attract the visitors to make a transaction. Otherwise, it will not get their attention. But always keep in mind to not give away discounts or coupons that will bring you zero profit from the sale. That will not do any good for your business. Also, set a time limit for your special offers. This is important in order for them to work. Your subscribers will definitely catch your offer before the promo period ends, thinking that they will never get this advantage again.

2.Invitation for old and new clients.

An invitation, especially for marketers who are selling services, is another e-mail marketing technique that can bring you in a big number of potential clients. You can invite your contacts to events such as seminars, conferences and even parties. Seminars and conferences are especially helpful for talks regarding a topic. Parties like opening day parties can help you showcase your new store and products. When sending out invitations, remember to include the what, where, why and other information your contacts will need. It is also important to repeat the sending of your invitations, timely spaced apart. This will help your subscribers remember your event as it draws near. If there is an online registration, it is advisable to include the site where they can register in your invitation.

3.Product or service updates.

Another technique is to send updates about your products and services. Many of the subscribers in your mailing list are definitely interested in what you have to offer. It is therefore important to send information on updates in your products or services. Whether you are promoting an upgrade of your previous offers, or promoting new ones, this e-mail marketing technique will definitely improve your sales.

4.Staying in touch/feedback.

Staying in touch with your contacts by providing them useful information like newsletters or postcards is another e-mail marketing technique that can be very effective. It will give your previous and potential clients a chance to express their feelings about your product or service that can help you improve them. Your contacts will also feel that you are thinking of their best interest and will most likely to transact with you again. You can also give out short information as to follow up the instructions for your product and/or tips and suggestions for the proper use of your product.

No matter what technique you are to use, the key here is always customer satisfaction. Always think like your consumer-what they want, what they need and what they would like to hear. Use these techniques and make it meaningful and original as to attract potential clients. Build trust amongst your mailing list subscribers and create value for your business. Stand out, stand proud and provide customer satisfaction as best as you can.


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