The Importance of Invitations

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In today’s casual, modern atmosphere we often forget the importance of sending out formal invitations. Usually we prefer to save them for ‘once in a lifetime’ events, such as a wedding (Hopefully!) or the birth of a new child, but it’s very practical to send out a formal invitation in the mail.

Invitations give useful and practical information about your event that guests will appreciate. These are not the sketchy directions drawn on a napkin kind of invitation that will more than likely cause you to lose more guests than direct them to the party. Invitations provide the address and pertinent details about where a party is held. They include your full name and possibly how you want to be addressed (i.e., Mr., Ms.). Invitations also include time and date of the party and what the party is for. Many invitations also contain RSVP’s, Menu forms, and information on how to dress.

Yes, it may be easier to make up a flyer saying ‘Party Tonight!’ and post it on the bulletin board of your local laundry mat but this does not guarantee anyone will show up at your event and it does not guarantee that anyone you particularly care to know will show up. Besides, is this college?

An invitation done properly shows up in the mailbox or occasionally the email of those persons you want to have at your party. The simple fact that you bothered to look up someone’s address and pay the postage demonstrates that you really want these people to come to the party. Email is becoming a crucial part of our daily society and a personalized e-card invitation works just as well, plus it is cheaper.

Invitations can give your guests a material representation of your party or event to hold onto for years afterwards so that they can remember just how much fun they had.


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